Dress Ups

These "click to change" style dress up games were made by the users on our site! If you make a dress up game on Emerald Activities (using the Dress Up Magic Maker), it will be added here.

Magic Makers

Magic Makers are dress up games too, but they offer a lot more choice. They give you the ability to change colours, rotate, and scale the pieces. There are lots of backgrounds to mix and match, and you can use emeralds to purchase new pieces for use in these makers. If you save things you make in the Magic Makers as "assets" you can use those "assets" to make your own dress up games like the ones above!

Advanced Dress Up Maker

Do you want to make your own dress up game like the ones at the top of the page? Our users created the pieces in the Magic Makers and used this Dress Up Magic Maker to put them together. It is still in the very early testing phase, so not everything works. But if you want to know a little more then click here. You need to be a member for this one since it needs assets to work ;)